How do you achieve Intentional Living


Intentional living is a concept I’ve learned about recently and I’m fully ready to experience.
It is the idea that you live purposefully without blurred lines.

I first got introduced to Intentional Living through pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church on Youtube. He was preaching about being in an intentional relationship, whatever form that relationship may take. Whether it’s friendship, coworkers, significant others, family, we should be intentional in all of these relationships.

This means we’re clear with our reasons for being in someone’s life, we keep honesty first and always know our purpose. I realized that I can apply intentionality in pretty much all aspects of my life. I want to put deliberate effort into all parts of my living. My work, my passions, and my relationships. So I’m making a conscious decision to be intentionally happy, honest, loving, hardworking, and most importantly spiritual.

In other words, I’m no longer going to talk about “living my best life”. Instead, I’m going to deliberately work on living my best life 🙂
Starting my intentional living journey with this little self-love photo session I had with my talented friend @didiernoel on Instagram. Be sure to check him out!

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