I Used Aloe Vera For A Month

I’m sure you were starting to wonder when I was finally gonna make a beauty post. We’ll fret no more, that day is today!!

It took me a while to write this post because I was testing out this product. I never wanna write about something I don’t actually believe.

Well, here are my thoughts after almost a month of using aloe Vera on my skin.

Quick background;

I’ve never had acne but in recent months, my skin started breaking out. Nothing crazy, but I almost always had perpetual bumps on my right cheek that wouldn’t mature into puss filled pimples but instead turn into hyper pigments. So I had dark spots and bumps almost always. That’s what lead me to try aloe Vera as a natural remedy.

The process;

The way I used the aloe was very simple. I went to Whole Foods every week and bought one leaf of Aloe. It’s more affordable that way and one leaf lasts a long time. I was sharing it with my sister so we needed a leaf a week.

There’s not much to it. I’d cut a sliver of the aloe, peel the skin and mash it in a small bowl then apply it to my face as a nightly face mask.

You can choose to do an overnight mask or a twenty minute mask. The night just worked better for me.

After almost a month, my skin has cleared up so much. The Aloe not only helped with the hyper pigmentation but it visibly deputed my skin, reduced redness, made it smoother, kept it moisturized and kept it plump.

I’ll definitely be keeping this little gem part of my skin care!

Thanks for reading


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