Yellow is the color of the summer.

Bright beautiful bold outlandish colors are in this summer and you can expect to see me rocking my fair share.

For quite sometime growing up I never liked to wear bright colors. I felt like they didn’t belong on my dark skin. Especially yellow. Yellow made me hate my complexion. It made me feel like a bumblebee and I just hated it. As I look back now, I’m realizing it wasn’t the color yellow or orange or lime green or any other bright in your face color that made me feel ugly.

It was society’s expectations. The words the kids at my school said towards me and behind my back. It was the beauty standards that didn’t represent me that made me feel as if I didn’t deserve to wear color. To this day it’s the crazy beauty standards that are making other people feel boxed in.

Despite the underrepresentation and the crooked standards in our society, I’ve decided to choose myself. To love me and my skin color. To let myself feel comfortable in my own skin. And it may seem small to you, but I’m starting with yellow.

I’m starting with color.

I’ve dipped my toes into the self love pool and I love it! My beautiful friend Katelyn captured these pictures of me and I believe they truly describe yellow.

If you were wondering how to describe the color yellow, look no further than these photos, done so beautifully by @hellodollyphotography

Be bold and do what makes you happy



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