What do you do when you turn 24


There’s no age I’ve dreaded turning more than 24.

5 years ago when I started college, I had big plans for this age. Plans that didn’t include me still being in undergraduate. We are raised to make life plans. 5 year, 10 year plans without information that life happens and takes unexpected turns. That we should be willing to be flexible so when life gives us lemons we aren’t surprised.

I found myself dreading this age because I haven’t achieved many of my 5 year plans!

I got so caught up in what I haven’t achieved that I’ve forgotten all the growing I’ve done in those same years. I realized that I’m focusing on the societal expectations of where I should be at this age.

Yes, I’m  24,

Yes i’m a junior,  

Yes I’m grown,

And yes it’s weird af sometimes!

There’s no need for me to be ashamed for being on my path. I need to remind myself that I’ve grown and  I’m growing. No one can take that from me! I was letting these negative thoughts consume me but a week before my 24th I decided to pick myself up and celebrate life. It’s a freaking gift. I’m healthy, getting educated, have a loving family, and pursuing a career I love.

So I decided to do a birthday shoot (something I’ve never done) and have a whole week of events. Thanks to Northland Special events, even on an extremely short notice, I was able to have really pretty flowers and those obnoxiously large number balloons just to make sure everyone knows how old I am. Carrying those balloons around town was seriously uncomfortable but I owned it. They’re mine and that’s how old I am and it doesn’t define me! My super talented friend took some great pictures to commemorate it and everyone that could participate in my “birthday itinerary” throughout the week did  so.  

Deciding to focus on the positive things really helps your outlook. And so what if you’re not where society tells you to be? This is your life! As long as you’re doing your thing and finding your path, everything is good. Map out your goals and dreams, make room for uncertainties and go chase them! Have fun because this is the only life you have and there’s someone wishing they had your life <3


4 thoughts on “What do you do when you turn 24

  1. Girl just wait until you turn 25! lol
    I hate five and ten year goals. It’s nice to have some sort of plan for the future but a lot can happen in one year alone. I’m naturally a planner. I used to have my whole life planned out, but now I make a few goals for a year or two at a time and let things flow.

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