Top 10 brunch spots in Minneapolis

My brunch obsession started in the spring of 2017 and I can tell you my weekends have never been the same since! I’m now here to lead you to the top 10 brunch spots in Minneapolis because Brunch shouldn’t be so hard. I’ve arranged the restaurants in categories;

Bottomless mimosas, cute diners, the most fun, and low key moments


4Bells- This place is upscale, with seafood options and the best cheesy hash browns! They also have an insane watermelon hot sauce to go with the delicious chicken and waffles.

Picture taken from 4Bells Facebook page

4bells brunch

Nightingale- The vibe is so classy yet laid back with endless bottomless mimosas and the most beautiful platter presentations!

Picture is my own


Lush- The energy in this space is crazy! The servers are so fun and welcoming. It’s full of different people who are all there for a good time!

Taken from Lush’s Facebook



Eggy’s diner- One of the other places that have a really great chicken and waffles! Their freshly squeezed orange juice is the vitamin D boost you never knew you needed!!

Picture is my own


Birchwood cafe- The waffles, the specialty drinks, the bakery goodies, and the chicken sandwich! What is there not to like about this place? It’s the cutest local cafe and if you haven’t been there, you need to get there ASAP

Picture is my own

birchwood cafe

Blackbird cafe- This is a place to go during the summer! It’s so peaceful and on the cutest corner to enjoy your food and people watch. Put it on your list 🙂 It goes without saying the food is delicious! (rice bowl is a fave of mine)

Taken from Blackbird cafe’s Facebook


Union rooftop- DRAG BRUNCH!! I really don’t need to say more, but if I must, the place is beautiful and the food is delicious 🙂 Also, who doesn’t love a warm rooftop brunch in the winter?

Taken from Union’s Facebook


The Freehouse- This is the ultimate lumberjack dream! Haha OK maybe not, but it gets close! Their uniforms are so cool. Also, who doesn’t like a good brunch brewery mix? Beer-mosas anybody?

Taken from The Freehouse’s Facebook


The Buttered Tin- The food and bakery goodies are delicious! My favorite thing is the difference mimosa flavors that are so unexpected yet delicious. Definitely try the sage one. I also love love their special hot sauce.

Taken from The Buttered Tin Facebook


The Lowry- Tried and true! So much food to choose from including seafood options and $4 mimosas in the morning any day of the week! My motto is, when in doubt; go to the Lowry!

Taken from The Lowery’s Facebook

the lowry

Happy brunching

XX, Doreen

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